Who We Are

Bard & Muse is a bi-monthly interactive digital (and print) magazine curated for articulation, inspiration, and innovation. We offer snippets of hopeful, how-to, and hands-on simple living. Our muses are the home, garden, art, and community. We draw inspiration from beauty and pledge to share it in a way that is honoring. If we believe something will enrich your life, we will be certain to pass it along.

Articulation: We commit to share words that feed the soul, honor the mystery that is the creative process, and encourage growth in the day-to-day. We want to build a band of hope with words that empower and inspire. It is our heartfelt desire to erect a community that understands that collaboration is actually a form of communion.

Inspiration: We commit to share ideas that motivate toward cultivating and partaking in the beauty at our fingertips. Ideas often become actions — we want to sow seeds of inspiration that yield a bountiful harvest for you and others. When you come and see here, we want you to leave fuller for it.

Innovation: This publication offers the amenities of convenience (flip, click, play) while still possessing the sentiments of a scrapbook with pressed wildflowers. While there is nothing new under the sun, we believe there are still new expressions. We esteem innovation through many mediums. The well-examined and simple life oftentimes requires a bit of ingenuity and forward thinking.